Nayiga Rose's family

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  • Nayiga Rose's family is from the village of Bukalasa which is located close to the Bwanda (Daughter's of Mary) convent. She has seven children who live at home ranging in age from fourteen years to five months. Her daughters' names are Nantensibe Rita, Naluyaga Scovia, Nalugo Susan, and Nabaliisa Pauline  who are fourteen, thirteen, eleven and six respectively. Her sons' names are Senkungu Joseph, Ssaazi Ponsiano, and Waswa Ventino who are twelve, four and five months respectively. Nayiga's older children attend substandard, government funded schools. Due to corruption in Uganda government schools are of extremely poor quality and Nayiga fears for the future of her children. There is also no money left to send her two youngest to school.

  • Nayiga Rose has been married to her husband for over fifteen years. While her husband is still in the household, he is lame and cannot work.  She and her husband come from the same village and both belong to a culture that believes in women as the caregivers of the family and the idea of women having many children.

    While this is good, Nayiga’s experience has made her challenge some of the cultural values. She said that if she had a smaller family she would have been able to send all her children to better schools. Since she supports the family all by herself, the work is too much for her.

    Her husband is lame and does not have any other source of income. Nayiga said that the pigs will help her get supplemental income to support her family and support her children’s education. She also hopes to use the manure from the pigs to improve the quality of the land where they have been growing food for all those years.

    Even though the family is poor, they have mutual respect and love for one another. They teach their children to be more respectful to all people regardless of their family background and appearance.

    "One thing that I want donors to know about me is that I love my family and I want to see all my children living better lives. Educating them is the only way they are going to be successful in this crazy world."

    "Thanks to all our donors."

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