Nanziri Betty's family

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  • Nanziri Betty's family is from the village of Namagoma which is fairly close to Bwanda (Daughters of Mary) Convent. She is the grandmother of four children under the age of five who have lived with her since their parents died. Her granddaughter's names are Naloukwago Lucia, Nantongo Justine and Nantongo Grace, who are four, four and three years old respectively, and she has a grandson Tamale Francis who is also four. Nanziri cannot afford to send her grandchildren to school next year so she fears for their future as she realizes the importance of an education.

  • Nanziri Betty is a peasant farmer. She had five children, three died and two are still living. Nagawa, her last born is an invalid who requires 24 hour care since she cannot do anything for herself due to an illness that she got about a year ago. She had a high fever and spent three weeks in the hospital and is now completely bedridden.

    Nanziri Betty was forced to take in her grandchildren when both of their parents died.  She struggles to find financial support for the four orphans and she is worried about how she is going to be able to buy their scholastic materials when they start school next year. She said she is a very hardworking woman and has the skills of farming and rearing animals. If given a chance to get pigs, she will make sure that she takes good care of them in order to get the financial support she needs. She said this is her only hope.

    The sisters at Bwanda convent promised to pay tuition for one of her grand children which means her grandson Tamale Francis will go to school but she has no means to send her three granddaughters to school. Also she will still need to buy uniforms and scholastic materials for Tamale.

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