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Empower Your Neighbor helps women in Southern Uganda escape poverty and abusive partners by helping them achieve economic independence through breeding pigs. Choose a family to support, select what you’d like to give them, and receive updates on how the family’s lives are improving. Because at Empower Your Neighbor, you’re not just making a donation, you’re meeting a new, global neighbor.


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Donate one piglet for a family - $80

To your family in Uganda a piglet represents a renewed hope for a better life. EYN will deliver a healthy 2-3 month old piglet sourced from a local pig farmer.

When you fund a piglet you will be empowering your family to take a first step out of abject poverty as well as supporting the local economy.



Donate a pair of piglets - $150

A breeding pair of piglets is the foundation for your family’s new micro-business. Depending on their breed and health, pigs can produce 8-15 piglets per litter and can have 2-3 litters a year. Pigs also produce more live weight gain from a given weight of feed than any other class of meat producing animal except the broiler chicken.

Soon your family will be earning critically needed capital supplying the large (and growing) market for pork in Uganda.


Donate a pigsty or a share of a pigsty - $350, $100, $50

A  pigsty is essential infrastructure for your family’s new business.  Empower Your Neighbor pigsties are well constructed by local tradesmen with a cement floor to make both feeding and collecting waste for fertilizer more efficient.

A sturdy roof will protect the pigs from sun and rain, and each pigsty is split into two separate stalls so that a sow and her nursing piglets are protected from the adult male. A well-built and functional pigsty is necessary for a long-term, sustainable pig farming business.


Donate supplemental pig feed - $20 /month

Nutrition for the first few months of a piglet’s life is critical to its adult health and fertility. Although pigs can be fed with food waste (e.g. banana peels and sweet potato leaves) this vegetation is in short supply in the dry season and inadequate to meet the pigs’ needs for the poorest families who are struggling to feed themselves.

Technically the rainy season started in Southern Uganda in August however there has been very little rainfall this year so we are currently asking for three months of supplemental feed for each pair of piglets.