About Us

About Us

Empower Your Neighbor is dedicated to helping women in Southern Uganda escape poverty and abusive relationships through economic independence. By providing women with pigs, and the resources necessary to breed them, we give women in need the tools to achieve economic success, resulting in safer, better lives for their children and themselves.

Here at Empower Your Neighbor, we believe that donations are more than just that—they’re a connection between you and the families benefiting from them. That’s why we encourage you to choose a specific family to support, as well as what exactly you would like to give them—a pig, a pigsty, or pig feed. Once funded, you can find photos, videos, and updates from the family on the Funded Families page showing you exactly how your contribution is changing their lives. Because it’s not just about helping a cause, it’s about connecting you to your neighbors around the world.


Our Partner Organization

Empower Your Neighbor is partnering with the Daughters of Mary community in Masaka, Uganda as several sisters from there have been involved in the educational support program which brought Sr. Maria to Seattle University. We have willing volunteers from that community such as Sisters Sylivia Nangonzi and Imelda Nabadda who are assisting us by collecting photos and stories from poor Ugandan women. The sisters will also check back with our recipients to collect follow-up photos, stories and video so you can see the difference your donation is making. 


Social Value Realized

Recipients - Southern Ugandan Women

Recipients have a reduced financial dependence on men resulting in more options for women experiencing domestic violence.  They also have capital available to pay school fees for their children, purchase any needed medical supplies and/or treatment, make household improvements and improve nutrition for themselves and their family by diversifying their diet.


Donors have the satisfaction of knowing exactly who will receive their donations and how the resources will be used.  They also have the gratification of knowing they are helping to improve the quality of life for the poorest of the poor and have the additional benefit of seeing the direct results of their contribution and establishing a connection with a global neighbor.

Daughters of Mary Sisters

The Sisters of the Daughters of Mary community minister, without sufficient resources, to a large geographic area filled with many of the poorest people in Uganda.  EYN bolsters their effectiveness and their satisfaction by providing critically needed resources that allows them to have a greater impact on the communities that they serve.  EYN also provides internet access to the convent and hopes to provide access to the five adjoining schools in the future.

Ugandan Tradesman

Empower Your Neighbor provides increased business and income for local pig farmers and pigsty constructors.  The Sister’s will also hire drivers and vehicles for pig delivery.

Local Economy

The local economy in the villages we serve is also improving as capital is more readily available to purchase goods and services from other members of the community.  When many families gain this new sustainable income, it will bring new opportunities for building schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, forming community savings and funding small businesses.