Bukirwa Passy's family

Check back with us! We will post updates when families are fully funded and when pigs are delivered.
  • Bukirwa Passy's family is from the village of Kasanje which is near Bwanda (Daughters of Mary) convent. She is a widow who has taken in two additional children into her household.  Nayiga Leo is an orphan with no one to look after her and Isabirye Ronald is her grandson. Her daughter's name is Nakachwa Anna Maria who is eight and she has four sons - Segawa Julius, Mulindwa Ibra, Bukenya Sam and Matovu Thomas  who are ten, sixteen, twenty and twenty-two respectively. Bukirwa herself was an orphan so she has no help from any extended family.

  • My name is Bukirwa. I grew up in an orphanage home that was run by a lay woman who never had children of her own. The woman’s name was Theresa and she lived near the property of the Daughters of Mary. With her little income she sent all of us ten children that were living at her house to school at Villa Maria. Most of the girls who finished primary school decided to start family life since we did not have any chance of going for higher education for lack of financial support.

    My husband had no level of education but he was a very hardworking man and very respectful. He did not believe in education so when we lived together he did not want to send our children to school. I finally won him over to accept after some time but he decided not to give me any financial support.

    I weaved mats and baskets during my free time to raise some money to buy scholastic materials for my children. Since weaving takes too much time, and I had to grow food for the family, I was not able to make enough to generate enough income. That was the biggest challenge I faced.

    After the death of my husband, I continued to weave baskets and mats and to grow food for my family. My idea was that I did not want to send my children to live in an orphanage or with other relatives. However, I am still facing the challenge of meeting the needs of my family.

    I can’t wait to have a pigsty built for us and pigs delivered. This will change our lives. Thank you for considering our family.

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