Nansale Rose's family - Funded

  • Nansale Rose's family is from the village of Byerima where Sr. Maria grew up. Nansale and her husband Matovu Paul Kaffero are currently caring for twelve young children - some are their children, some their grandchildren and some are orphans that they took in because they had no one else to care for them. The eleven girls' names are Namatovu Rebecca, Namatovu Josephine, Nabwoggi Daphine, Namuwonge Josephine, Nambabali Margret, Nalubega Kevin, Nagawa Rita, Nalwanga Harriet, Nabukenya Angel, Njjuuko Princess and Nagawa Rose.  The girls are all between the ages of eight and two, however three of them are orphans so they are unsure of their ages. The one boy in their care is Lwnga Jovan who is seven. Nansale Rose and Matovu Paul are raising many of their children and grandchildren but found it in their hearts to take in additional orphan children. They struggle just to feed all these children and cannot afford to send them to school. 

  • My name is Nansale Rose. I am married to Mr. Kafeero. The level of education I achieved was not very high-I stopped in primary five. My mother always wanted me and my sisters to go to school but my father was resistant about this idea because he wanted all the girls to get married so that he could get cows and goats to add to his farm. Since we were six girls in my family, my father was considered a rich man because he knew he was going to get a lot of cows and goats from the men who were going to marry us.

    When I turned fifteen, my father said to me that he had found a man who was willing to give him the requested number of cows and that he was ready to take me as his wife. This man is my current husband. Since I was married young, I produced many children. My husband and I had both completed primary five. Neither of us were happy about having more children than we can provide with education. However, since my husband had already given my father some cows, it meant that I had to do whatever he wanted me to do. He still tells me what he wants me to do.

    Since my children did not achieve education, they all got married at a young age. Some of them have children that is why I also have grandchildren at my young age. The pain I have is that my grandchildren are not going to be able to have education and the young children who are supposed to be in school cannot go to better schools since we do not have enough income to support them. How are we going to break the cycle of poverty?

    I am so excited about this new piggery project. My hope is that we can send some of our children to good  schools for better education.

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