Namukwaya Mary's family - Funded

  • Namukwaya Mary's family is from the village of Byerima where Sr. Maria grew up. She has four young children who live at home including a set of twins. Her daughter's names are Nakato Nassolo Betty and Nalukwata Maria Florence, who are nine and five years old respectively, and she has twin sons Wasswa Samuel Emmanuel and Kizza Jjuuko Kalooli who are seven. The twins have started school but Namukwaya is not in school and there is little hope of sending Nalukwata as the family does not have any source of capital.

  • My name is Namukwaya. My husband Ssalongo Mawanda and I are peasant farmers and we always train our children to work hard as we do. The level of our income is low not because we do not work hard but because we do not have enough capital to do better things to earn more money.

    We love our children and our extended family members. We do hope for the best in this coming project. God bless you our friends.

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