Nakasansa Florence's family - Funded

  • Nakasansa Florence's family is from the village of Byerima where Sr. Maria grew up. She has four children who live at home with her now an has also taken in her six month old granddaughter. Her daughter's names are Nabibisi Corne and Nambowa Stella, who are fifteen and nine years old respectively, and she has two sons Bwabye Chrizesto and Mukisa Godfrey who are thirteen and five. Nakasansa is married and lives with her husband, Muluuta Godfrey. A few years ago Muluuta's leg was amputated and the family used all their savings to pay the medical bills and were still forced to sell some household items.  He can no longer work in the fields to support the family and the children stopped going to school.

  • My husband and I have been married for over eighteen years. When I first got married to him he had a big coffee plantation and a banana plantation where he was earning a lot of money which he used to buy the basic needs of our family and to pay for our children’s tuition. The first fifteen years were very good since each year we had big plans for our children and they seemed to come true.

    About three years ago, my husband got something that appeared to be like cancer. We took him to various hospitals hoping that we would find the right treatment for him but this was not possible. After seeing several doctors, and due to the severe pain my husband had, one doctor decided to amputate his leg because he had started losing some toes. This was the saddest moment in our family. We knew that he will never be able to support the family again since he had lost one of his legs. We would have been depending on the savings he had before he became sick but we used that money to pay for his hospital bills and we also ended up selling some of the house property.

    Our kids stopped going to school for one full year since we did not have any single coin of money in the house. Life was miserable. Our plans were all being destroyed. After one year, we moved back to my father in laws’ house since we wanted our children to start attending a government funded school that was near that home. This school would not have been our choice because of the poor standard but because we did not have money to send our children back to the school they were attending we decided to send them to this school. All our children are still in primary school. Sometimes they miss school when they send them back home to get scholastic materials, uniforms, and some fees for other things.

    Since my husband cannot work in the field any more, it is hard for me to take care of all these needs without enough financial support. My hope is that when I get pigs I will be able to sell them and get the money to pay for my children’s school fees so that they can achieve education. In our country it is hard to find a decent job if one does not have good education. I worry about my girls because if they do not get education they might be trapped by men who deceive young girls that they will take good care of them and once they become sick or pregnant they abandon them.

    I am hoping to get the help promised to my family. I do not know how soon the piggery project will come to our house but we are so excited to be chosen. God bless all our friends.

    My hobbies are singing in church choir, digging, farming and taking care of children. I love my children and my husband.

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