Mutaaga Juliet & Mukandairo Rose's family - Funded

  • Mutaaga Juliet & Mukandairo Rose's families live together in the village of Bukalasa which is close to Bwanda (Daughters of Mary) convent. Mutaaga has four children who live in their shared household - one daughter named Nakate Proscovia who is sixteen years old, and three sons named Tulinawe Vincent, Tulinawe Joseph and Tumwesige John who are eleven, four and 2 months respectively. Mukandairo also has four children who are currently living with her sister because Mukandairo can no longer care for them after an accident which left her permanently disabled. Her daughters are Nakamatte Joyce (thirteen) and Tumwebaze Alice (six), and her two sons are Mucho Elia (eight) and Mutebi Ronald (three). Mukandairo is hoping that the income from their new piggery project will allow her to get her children back.

  • Mutaaga Juliet was working for the Daughters of Mary as a secretary when her mother became ill.  She moved back to Bukalasa Village to care for her because her mother had no one else to care for her.  When her mother died she decided to stay in her house and farm her land because her old job was lost.  She and Mukandairo Rose are friends and share a household so they can support each other.

    Mukandairo Rose was married with four children when she was accidentally electrocuted at work.  Her right hand is permanently disabled (all her fingers were burned off) and she has burn scars on her torso and legs.  She spent nine months in the hospital recovering after which her husband refused to take her back because she could not cook and clean for the family.  She currently works at Bwanda with Sr. Anatoli raising pigs.  Her children are currently living with her sister because Mukandairo is not able to take care of them.  She is hoping that she and Mutaaga Juliet, working together to raise & sell their own pigs, will be able support their combined families which will enable her to get her children back..

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